Five Things To Consider When Looking For An Event Tent Rental

Wedding Tent Rental

Are you planning an outdoors event? If you are planning a wedding reception, a large birthday party or even a family reunion, you should think about renting some tents. Tents are an easy way to provide your guests with shade and with shelter from the rain. Here is what you should know about event tent rentals.

Start By Assessing Your Needs

You should go over a few details before you start looking for a tent rental service in your area. Figure out how many people will be attending your event and where you will be able to install the tents. Depending on the outdoor venue you are using for your event, you might not be able to install a single large tent and will have to rent two or three smaller tents. Ask yourself if you need to fit some tables and chairs under the tent, a buffet or any other amenities that would take up space.

Compare Local Event Tent Rental Services

You can rent tents from companies that specialize in party and event rentals. If you need any other items for your event, you should think about using the same company to rent everything you need since you will probably get a lower price. You should find out more about event rental services in your area by looking for reviews and by contacting these businesses directly so you can ask some questions. If you know anyone who recently used one of these services, ask them about their experience.

Look For A Service That Is A Good Fit For Your Needs

Look for a tent rental service that can visit your venue before your event begins to install the tents and any other amenities that you have decided to rent from this company. Make sure they can install the tents early enough to leave you plenty of time to set up tables and chairs under the tents. Find out if you will have to clean the area under the tents after the event or if the rental service can take care of cleaning before taking the tents down.

Make Sure You Will Get Quality Equipment

A good party rental service should offer quality equipment and perform necessary repairs. If you can, visit the business you want to use before booking your rental so you can take a look at the items they have. This will give you an idea of how recent the tents and other amenities are and you should be able to see if the tents have been properly maintained.

Renting tents for your events is a good way to make sure your guests will have some shade and protection from the rain. You can find affordable tent rentals if you take the time to compare your options. Ask some questions about the rental, ask if you can get a contract in writing so you can see what you will be responsible for and find out what the total cost of the rental is before choosing a service.