Swat Wildlife Is The Best In Toronto Animal Control Services

Animal Control

Animal Control

I was having some problems with raccoons. They were getting in my trash and I thought there was a nest of them living close to my home. They were a really huge nuisance and they were tearing things up and leaving trash and garbage scattered throughout the yard. I knew I had to do something to get these raccoons under control.

I started searching for Toronto animal control services that were in the area. I went on Facebook and described my problem. Then I asked which company is the best one to get these under control. I got a few different responses about different companies. One person said they hired one of these companies and they were able to get rid of the raccoons that were bothering them.

I wanted to see if there were other Toronto animal control services and what people had to say about them online. I went on Google and searched and found a list of companies. I also found ratings beside of their listings. They all looked fairly decent. Then I started searching for reviews on different websites. I went to Home Advisor’s website first because I like to use it to find out company information. I found several reviews for pest and animal control services and found really great ratings about all of them.

I decided to call around and see what they would charge me to get rid of the raccoons. After talking to them all, I finally decided which company I would hire and I called them back. I chose to hire Swat Wildlife to get rid of these pests for me and they were able to come and set traps that evening. They said we could pay for the work once they caught the raccoons and we were no longer having problems with them.

The next day they came and checked the traps to see if they caught any raccoons. They caught 2 raccoons the first night and I knew they were going to be able to get rid of all of them.

After about a week, Swat Wildlife got rid of all the raccoons that were tearing into my trash. I wasn’t having any other problems with them and no other ones came around. I know which animal control company I will call if I have a raccoon problem again. They were really great and worked quickly to get rid of these pesky animals.

I have recommended them to a friend of mine that was having problems with squirrels. I told her about the raccoon experience I had and how they were able to get rid of them quickly. She hired them and they were also able to get rid of the squirrels for her.

Swat Wildlife is the best in Toronto animal control services and has the best prices too. They were the cheapest all around and I am glad I found them to hire because they did a great job.