The Benefits Of Time And Attendance Software

If you own a business, keeping track of the hours that your employees work is essential. For hourly employees, the total number of hours that they spend on the job directly impacts how much they get paid. You may also want to have salaried workers check in and track their time even though they don’t get paid by the hour. That way, you can be sure that they are fulfilling their obligations.

In the past, keeping track of time and attendance meant using a traditional time clock. These devices are relatively straightforward. They have time cards that are inserted into the machine and stamped with the date and time. This data is then used during the payroll process to determine how much everyone gets paid.

These older time clocks have many limitations, however. For one thing, employees have to remember to use them. If someone forgets to clock out, there is no way to know for sure what time they left. Time clocks also are prone to abuse. Sometimes, employees will have their friends clock them in if they are running late or clock them out if they decide to leave early.

This is one problem that can easily be solved through the use of time and attendance software. This software is designed to track employee attendance so that you have a constant record of how many hours they have worked.

Today’s software programs have many innovative features that simplify the time tracking process. For instance, TimeTrex ( makes a biometric facial recognition time clock that automatically identifies employees based on their facial features. This completely eliminates the risk of having employees punch in their friends.

The benefits of using software to track employee attendance don’t end there. Software programs also make it easier for the accounting department to keep track of data. With traditional time cards, the data often needs to be entered manually into a computer. This is not only time-consuming but it can also lead to errors.

When you use tracking software, on the other hand, the data is already in the system. All that the payroll department has to do is access it when they are printing paychecks for the employees.

Another advantage of time and attendance software is that it can be accessed remotely. That means that managers or business owners can check in from anywhere to make sure that their employees are getting to work on time and staying for the entire duration of their shifts. This can help keep people from cheating if there is no manager on-site.

The time clocks of yesterday are definitely outdated. Today, there are much more innovative software-based solutions available. These software programs eliminate many of the problems associated with traditional time clocks. For instance, they make it harder for employees to have someone else punch their time cards for them. They also simplify the accounting process and can improve accuracy when it comes to doing payroll.

Because the records can be accessed remotely, it also gives managers and business owners an opportunity to keep track of what their employees are doing while they are away. This can help prevent workers from bending the rules when their direct supervisors are out of town.